2016 Aug 14 Event sourcing: rabotnik, part 2

This article develops the last missing feature of rabotnik and we take a look at how to manage state in order to accept and validate commands.

2016 Aug 03 Event sourcing: introducing rabotnik

This article develops an event sourced example application in small steps as a Ruby gem.

2016 Aug 01 Event sourcing: rainbows and unicorns

A not-so-short overview of what makes Event Sourcing a technique worth trying out.

2016 Apr 20 Leveraging package-local interfaces in Go

Observations about how interfaces are commonly used in Go and a suggestion on how to keep interfaces narrow.

2015 Aug 25 Interfaces in Go

Interfaces are a straight-forward way to decouple behavior from implementation. This post shows how to create reusable tests for testing behavior across implementations.